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 Roberta Ryan Tree Fall

I am now writing on a new blog:

Hi, My name is Roberta,
I am an Author, Coach, Product Developer, Contest Administrator, Brand Ambassador, and Editor in Chief for The Venus Factor website. 
We offer online coaching services to all Venus Factor and Adonis Golden Ratio customers.  If you want me as your coach you can make that request in your client information form.
A couple of things I will do for my clients if they want is help design custom meal plans from a list of foods you love, and professional photo collages of your fitness journey.
The Venus Factor is a women’s workout and fat loss program.  It is the program that ultimately helped me achieve my fitness dream at age 50 and then keep it (as my doctor said keeping it is the tricky part!)
The Adonis Golden Ratio is the men’s version of the same program.
I am a rural American country girl as you will see in my video’s. What you see is what you get with me. I’m honest, sensitive, and a bit on the serious side.  I extremely loyal to my husband.
Some of my July 2014 Adventure photo shoots:

Taken in downtown Sacramento July 6, 2014

This is me having some fun in downtown Sacramento July 6, 2014

More fun in downtown Sacramento on July 6, 2014

More fun in downtown Sacramento on July 6, 2014

On the photos from July 2, 2014: 
They were taken by an amazing photographer named Ryan Lazalier. Ryan named the first picture “Catwoman GI Jane“, and the second picture “Alley Cat“.
Here is a larger version of Catwoman GI Jane:
Ryan calls this "Catwoman GI Jane". Taken in downtown Sacramento on July 6, 2014

Ryan calls this “Catwoman GI Jane”. Taken in downtown Sacramento on July 6, 2014

Here is just a little feedback from Venus ladies in our online community:
“The Goddess of Venus”
 As a newcomer to the brightest planet in the universe of physical transformations, I have seen and read so many inspiring stories of so many beautiful women who, through sheer dedication and determination, transformed themselves into breathless creatures of good health. Many of whom share their journeys for us beginners to glean all we can in the hopes of achieving results pleasing enough to satisfy our innermost desires for success.My accolades in this blog are not meant to diminish a single success story, as each and every one offers invaluable information if put to good use, and I am of the opinion that there is not one single woman in this community from whom I cannot learn something. You are all beautiful in your own right.
I first owe my gratitude to my savior, as I believe it is He who put this program in my path. And it is said that the Lord, in all His infinite wisdom, puts the right people in our lives when we ask. I sincerely asked for the intervention I needed to turn myself around, many times wondering if it was actually possible, many times feeling that maybe I had waited too late, and many times believing it was nothing more than a pipe dream.And God said, “You think so? Let me show you someone who will prove you wrong.”
And in the light of my sanctity I came across a link by a lady whose moniker is Roberta Saum. I started reading her life story, her journey that she put out there for all to read, and her end result of dedication and determination and all the hurdles she mustered the power to cross, many of which were a real reflection of my own.Every day I drink from the self made fountain of Ro’s knowledge and absolutely nothing inspires me more, keeps me focused, and has given me real belief that I can become what I desire than this incredible human God has put in my path.
Thank you, Roberta Saum. You go through your daily routine without a clue of knowing the impact you have had, and are having, on this one simple, insignificant earth dweller who once believed it was an impossible feat. You have put realism in my pipe dreams.
You are the Goddess of Venus.
I really am still living my dream at age 53 here!

I really am still living my dream at age 53 here!


For me, Roberta is the embodiment of Venus Index, not just the physical aspect of achieving metrics, but the Generosity of Spirit she exemplifies. She always has a kind encouragement, a gentle nudge, or practical admonishment that is the right thing to say at exactly the right time.

She has a gift of intuitive wisdom and inspires by example. I think of her as something like a Fairy Godmother, Jiminy Cricket, and Sorority House-Mother all rolled into one kick-ass powerful woman.

Whether she’s posting a blog, or responding to the endlessly repeated questions in the forum, I always come away with a lesson to be patient, gentle and kind with myself and others.  -Deidra



Thanks for this Roberta. I think I am beginning to wake up in the morning and wonder, “What does Roberta have for me today?” A little bit of wisdom, a little bit of motivation, a little bit of understanding. Perhaps you are that little bit of exceptional that has been pulled into my life. -Elektra
One of the best things I have learned from Roberta is to trust my instincts. Anytime I have tried to over analyze my plan, she helped me to remember to keep it simple, and listen to my body.  -Nadjia

In the forums, Roberta always kept things positive, encouraging others to keep on going, telling them that they really are capable and strong and can make the changes they seek. She almost took a motherly role, nurturing us all along and I loved that and her for taking the time to do that for complete strangers. When I would talk to my husband about her, I would refer to her as “The Supreme Venus” because she was the one we all looked up to in so many ways. Her kind, gentle and compassionate soul is fused with an incredibly strong spirit and she truly is a remarkable woman!

Roberta is a “lifter.” She took the time to private message me and wish me well after another one of my many discouraging surgeries. She made me feel like she personally cared about me and would tell me I was strong and beautiful. In the day in and day out grind of yet another recovery, it’s easy to not see this in myself. Considering her prominence in the forum and how incredibly busy her life has become, that human touch from her meant the world to me. The day after she took time out to privately message me, I responded by emailing her a poster that I had seen that reminded me so much of her. It was of a beautiful strong tiger. The words below said: Strong people don’t put others down…They lift them up.     Thanks, Roberta, for being a “lifter.” -Julie




Roberta is such an amazing, positive, and inspiring role model who I truly look up to. I can’t thank her enough for all the feedback and help she has given me since I “met” her I hope to meet her in person someday I think that would be so much fun 🙂   -Vanessa


Roberta is one Venus I would truly love to spend time with. She not only has posted about her victories, but also about her weaknesses, which reveals to me that she is a genuine person. For you and Venus Index to have such a gem on your team brings integrity to your program, and inspires me to continue to tell others how beneficial Venus Index is, and how much help is available within the forum. -Laurie F.M.


Roberta, I hope you know that you are wonderful from the inside out including all pit bull puppy wrinkles and all. Those are called battle wounds of life. I think we would be kidding all ourselves if we expected to look and have skin like a 20-year-old for the rest of our lives.

We have stories to tell, (baby oil sun tanning as a teen) memories to share (childbirth) and a few other not so friendly things our bodies have endured. All of those things combined is what makes you REAL! You are not airbrushed over, but proudly display your journey.

The journey of life is always interesting, sometimes not too fun, other times the top of the world.

Please know Roberta, that I cherish the work you do, your honest approach and your integrity. Your motivation and candor set you apart from the rest as an inspiration to me. Here’s to another ride on the daily roller coaster of life.   -LizzyBeth



Thank you Roberta for your message, you are very inspiring yourself. A true Venus. You actually made me want to share my story on why I started lifting because you are so generous yourself! you make this place a very special one!   -Jeorgelinita




When I first purchased the Venus program, I was unsure about coming out on the forum so I lurked for a long time.  I was able to tell a lot about Roberta by all of the encouraging posts she made.  Since she had already completed her transformation and looked gorgeous, I was impressed that she stayed on and took the time to help others.  

Once I felt safe enough to participate in the forums, I would post or blog something and often I would find a helpful post from Roberta.  Sometimes it was a link to further information, another time after posting about a failure, Roberta would encourage me to pick myself up.  

Here’s what she told me on one occasion, “This is a learning experience for all of us…It’s’ really not the end of the world.  Never give up because the only thing that makes us go backwards is doing something like that day after day after day.  One day is never a big deal.”  That was all I needed to get right back on track immediately!!  -Laurie




About me and my experience with The Venus Factor:


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A recent fun article with me an Tania from Canada: Venus Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


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I wish you the best with your health and fitness goals.



  1. Thanks for being an inspiration to many of us.

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